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Sri Dhanalakshmi Transports – WE TAKE A LOAD OFF YOUR MIND

About Us


Our Approach

Sri Dhanlakshmi Transports is the leading company in Kotagiri, Tamilnadu dealing in transportation and building materials supply since 1995. We are a team of 50 professionals who work continuously towards satisfying our customers. Our services range from Building approval, building consulting to supplying building materials. We ensure supply of goods within 24 hours from the time of placement of order. We also help the owners reducing their labour burdens since we also deal in labour contracts. We also provide our customers the credit facility according to certain terms and conditions. Our employees incentives are based on the number of satisfied customers. We have recently indulged in providing JCB services. We are also into public services such as mini bus facility and travel services under Government approval. Our vision is to be vertically integrated in this industry in the coming years. Our strongly believe in our moto “We take a load off your mind”

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Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and this is where you talk about yours. People want to know what opportunity you saw or how your passion led to the creation of something new. So, our story starts with a single truck and only few customers with the only motive to earn few pennies with their rents. Gradually we started developing more customers by satisfying them with our services and started developing goodwill and brand image in the market. In the year 2000 we started public services such as mini bus and travel services and got Government approval. In 2004 we extended our lorry transportation business which added two more trucks in our company. In 2007 we got 4 more buses for public services and increased our customer base. In 2010 we added 2 more buses for public services as spare bus authorized by the Government to ensure that passengers don’t face any inconvenience during any breakdowns. In 2013 we entered into the JCB service business. Even-though it was a late entry, we got penetrated into the market and gained customer loyalty which helped us to bring in 3 more tipper trucks which made unloading easier and was able to meet the demands of the customers. Since then we are continuously growing and building trust and brand value in the market.


Next Steps…

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