Here's a step by step guide on how to enable and use Find My Device feature on your Windows 10 running laptop or desktop PC. I downloaded an app from the play store unto my HP laptop Windows 10 and I cannot find it. In the Chats tab, tap the search button . However, there was no Themes folder in the c:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows folder. Still did not show up when opening the I did find a Themes in c:\users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows and moved my themes to that location. Where/how do I find it? I understand that you are not able to access SD card after upgrading to Windows 10. How do i access the downloaded files. How to download an ISO image of Windows 10 for USB or DVD. ... you might be interested in how to find your local IP address on Windows 7. Thanks! As you know, start menu has returned in Windows 10- the most missed feature in Windows 8 and 8.1. Share Pin Email Print Its really frustating. Help!!!! The google box is not helping this time. Step. ! To change This PC (Computer) name on Windows 10, you can follow this guide. For Windows XP or below, click on the "Find" command. IE and Firefox have an internet option to tell all downloads where to go. Yes, I found references to the location you mentioned. It's not always clear where e-mail attachments, text message files or files from the Web have been downloaded to on your Android phone. Download iTunes for Mac or PC and discover a world of endless ... OS X version 10.10.5 or later; ... Visit an Apple Store, call 1-800-MY-APPLE, or find a reseller. But by default, My Computer icon is not included in the start menu. If you're not able to install the Windows 10 November update, or while you're waiting to install the update, you can use this workaround to find the apps : Office apps are missing from All apps on Windows 10. Pin My Computer Icon to Start Menu and Start List in Windows 10. I can't recall my Windows user name. Whenever I download a pdf file or a mp3 file, i am unable to find it on my Nokia Lumia 630. ... Where Can I Download Windows 10? For Windows XP and below, click on the "All files and folders" link at the bottom of the left-hand frame of the search window to bring up the search text box. Personally, all my downloads go to desktop. Under the General tab, look at the "Save downloaded files to" option. The tool you use will download the Windows 10 installation files and begin the installation process. How do i find ... in window 10? Get help for Windows Phone 8. Where do the downloads go to in Nokia lumia 520, I downloaded three email attachments, 1 picture, 1 notepad file and one word file but I can't find them in my phone, any idea, where there might be? Includes instructional videos, tips and tricks, FAQs, troubleshooting information, and more. Windows 10 install issues -- and what to do about them Having trouble installing and setting up Win10? Want to update your version of Windows to Windows 10? When I enter my email address as user name, the following Windows 10 (Windows), free and safe download. Step. Open file from download folder windows mobile 10? How do I find new contacts in Skype on mobile? Where Are My Programs in Windows 10, how do i find programs in ... Where do i find program files inwindows 10? Does anyone know where I could download the ISO for Windows 10? For Windows Vista, click into the search box at the bottom of the Start menu. Windows 10 latest version: Windows 10 is here to change the game. The solution to find a downloaded program on Windows 10, ... Windows 10 my downloads? After you enter a search term, tap or click My stuff to find results for files, apps, settings, photos, videos, and music across your PC and even OneDrive. I have not yet inserted any SD Card. How to download a Windows 10 ISO file Put a copy of Windows 10 on an optical disc, and you'll be ready if your PC needs to start over. Here's how to find it in Windows 10. Mastering iTunes How to download and start using iTunes on Windows 10 Get the latest version of iTunes installed on your Windows machine with ease. You arent alone. Here is how to do it all! Where Are My Programs in Windows 10, how do i find programs in windows ... Where do i find program files inwindows 10? Here is how to do it all! Need to download a Windows 10 ISO for USB or DVD install? Phones How to find downloaded files on Android. Easy to find, and then after the download is processed I delete or save to the appropriate place. Or, browse to your default music folder (default location is "Downloads" in your "My Music" folder in "My Documents") and double-click the song when you find it. Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system (OS) marks a major turning point for the company. Hi Alice, Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Community. Hell all. This will bring up the Windows Start menu.